By | September 5, 2017

My name is Julia DeGraw and I’m running for Portland City Council because I believe that everyone in our city, regardless of immigrant status, deserves affordable housing, a living wage job, free quality public education, clean air and water, and the freedom to live their life without fear of ICE tearing apart their families.

As many of you know, DACA recipients, in order to receive DACA had to fill out government paperwork showing how they became undocumented.

Deciding to end DACA makes the brave DREAMERS who dared to trust the Unites States Government easy targets for deportation since the government knows for certain their immigration status. This is a complete betrayal of their trust.

They put their lives on the line to trust the government to uphold the promise it made to not use that information against them and to allow them to apply for work and higher education so they can come out of the shadows: a privilege most Americans take for granted every day.

Unfortunately, the United States has a history of broken promises and betrayals, starting with Native Americans. This white supremacist president and his team deciding to end DACA is a nasty continuation of the darkest and worst parts this history.

It’s particularly disgusting that the president is making his racist lackey Jeff Sessions do his dirty work for him by making the announcement on his behalf. Even the president wants to distance himself from this travesty of his own making.

Moving forward, three things are 100% clear to me:

  1. We MUST stand together to fight hate and to protect each other, especially those at risk of deportation.
  2. Congress must pass the DREAM Act NOW to create a path to citizenship to ensure that DACA recipients won’t be forced back into the shadows.
  3. Not having high expectations of our federal leaders to pass the DREAM Act: Our city, county, and state governments MUST step up to make sure that ICE cannot take members of our community!

Huge thank you to for inviting me to this event, and to Milenio and Voz Hispana Cambio Comunitario for organizing this important and powerful rally.

September 5, 2017


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