By | November 7, 2017

Prior to deciding to run for public office, my work as a social justice and environmental organizer gave me the incredible opportunity to lead a campaign to keep a Nestlé water bottling plant out of the Columbia River Gorge. Fighting Nestlé ended up spanning nearly a decade, and I am so excited to be able to announce a final victory!

Thanks to the hard work of countless citizens, volunteers, and non-profits, we have succeeded in convincing Governor Brown to prevent a water swap that would have made our publicly owned water available to Nestlé for profit.

I was in it for the long haul and it paid off. I promise to work just as hard for you when I am elected to Portland City Council. To be an effective elected official who serves the public, I will always stand solidly on the side of people, not corporations or private profit.

I’m excited to invite you to’s First Anniversary Event! I am proud to be one of the guest speakers invited to celebrate Milenio’s incredible year fighting for immigrant rights and other important issues. I look forward to working with Milenio to help create a just future for all Latinos in our community, regardless of immigrant status. Nov. 16, 7pm, at 8343 SW Barbur Blvd.

Our problems are too big for slow incremental change, we need bold new solutions and politicians with a commitment of service to make them a reality. 

One of our biggest problems is that Portland is increasingly unaffordable to working people. If someone works in Portland they should be able to afford to live close to where they work. One way we can start to address this issue is raising the quality of jobs and wages in this city, and unions play a crucial role in raising the bar for all workers. This is why I was excited to see New Season’s Workers United launch their campaign to unionize.

I also attended several community events ranging from transportation to a just transition to clean renewable energy, and across the board it was clear to me that we can improve the health and quality of our communities, while also creating jobs.

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November 7, 2017

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