By | November 15, 2017

I stand with New Seasons Workers United (We Heart the Workers at New Seasons) in their fight to get a union for New Seasons employees in Portland. New Seasons needs to live up to its self-image of a responsible company and good employer.

When people working at New Season’s can’t afford to shop there, when they find themselves living paycheck to paycheck and unsure whether or not they can continue to afford their rent, it is clear a union is needed.

When employees are forced to choose between vacation time or sick leave or can’t even take sick leave without getting points against them, and their concerns about a reduction in health benefits and other workplace injustices fall on the deaf ears of management, you know that the company is far from a model employer.

All workers deserve a safe work environment, a living wage, time off and health care. Unions help raise the bar for ALL workers and that’s why I support New Seasons Workers United. #JustSayYEStoWorkers#BHonest New Seasons Market

November 15, 2017

Photo: Julia meets with New Seasons workers who are fighting for a union

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