By | March 13, 2020

March 13, 2020

This is a difficult and uncertain time due to the Coronavirus pandemic. With both Oregon and Portland in States of Emergency, major gatherings prohibited, companies suspending operations or requiring employees to work from home, and all of Oregon’s public schools closed for the foreseeable future, we are all adjusting to these challenging circumstances. My campaign is committed to following the recommendations of the CDC, World Health Organization, the State of Oregon, and the City of Portland during this time of crisis.

I am adapting my campaign in the interest of protecting public health. While I still intend to participate in community events and forums that meet public health recommendations, I am also urging future forums and other events to be postponed or live-streamed – house parties will remain scheduled on a case-by-case basis, subject to the decision of the host. Whereas my campaign would normally have relied on door-to-door canvassing, we will instead reach voters in other ways for the time being.

Despite these circumstances, there are plenty of ways you can help my campaign. Sign-up to receive updates, share my message on social media, donate $25 (which will be matched 6x by the City of Portland’s matching funds), and make sure you’re registered to vote. I will still have volunteer events that have a low-exposure risk, such as text and phone banks and this Sunday’s mailer party, so I hope that you’ll help when you can.

It is times like these that remind us how important effective leadership and a functional government are to a healthy society. I’m running for Portland City Council because I want to make sure that everyone in our community is protected from injustice and hardship, and I believe that we can do better for all Portlanders. Our democracy persists no matter the circumstances, so we all must remain active and engaged, which is why I encourage you to stay informed and involved during this election campaign.

Together, we’ll get through this.

Yours Truly,