By | March 31, 2020

(Above, My nephew and his cat helped mail letters.)

March 31, 2020

As we further settle in to the reality of daily life during the coronavirus pandemic, I want to share opportunities with you to volunteer with my campaign.

I’m running against more than a dozen other candidates for Commissioner Position № 2, so I need your help to spread the word about my candidacy and stay engaged with voters.

Why not take advantage of your abundant free time to help the community and boost your civic engagement?


Although we can no longer talk to voters in-person, there are several ways that you can help out while you’re staying home to save lives!

  • Participate in a virtual phone or text bank from home.
  • We’ll send you materials and instructions digitally so you don’t have to physically interact with anyone.
  • Help us stuff and stamp envelopes.
  • We’ll deliver the materials to you in a sanitized package.
  • Display a yard or window sign.
  • Like & Follow our campaign’s pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! One of the best ways you can raise awareness about our campaign is by tagging our pages and sharing our posts on social media.
  • RSVP for one of our upcoming virtual events! (Check this page frequently since we update it regularly)

You can let us know your interest in any of these activities by clicking the “Volunteer” button below!



The success of my candidacy depends on having adequate funds to reach voters. Whether you can commit to volunteering for my campaign or not, I encourage you to make a financial contribution.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous newsletters, I’m participating in the City of Portland’s Open & Accountable Elections program, which is the public campaign finance program that matches $50 of all contributions from Portland residents 6-to-1! This means that, if you live in Portland and contribute $50 to my campaign, your contribution turns into a $350 donation!

This program was created to make financing a campaign for Portland City Council accessible to more candidates and donors, not just people who have extra disposable income and lots of wealthy connections.

If you have the means, I encourage you to donate. It is especially important during this crisis, when we need real leadership and when so many people are struggling in these uncertain times, that ordinary Portlanders continue to participate in our democracy.


This is Our City, Our Future –– and, together, I know we can make it better.

Stay safe and well,