By | April 7, 2020

April 7, 2020

Behind every candidate is a team of staffers who make the campaign run. I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for the incredible team I am fortunate to have helping me on this campaign. I want to introduce them to you so that you can get to know my campaign better and so that my staff gets the acknowledgement they deserve.


Michael Greenblatt (he/him) – Campaign Manager
Michael’s had a variety of jobs in politics, ranging from Gov. Kate Brown’s campaign, the Oregon House of Representatives, where he worked for State Representative Courtney Neron, and an internship in Washington, D.C. He’s originally from LA but went to college at the University of Puget Sound, and he’s glad to still be living in the Pacific Northwest.

Emerson Hamlin (they/them) – Field Director
Emerson is excited to be back on my campaign, after having been an intern during the 2018 race. Since then, they’ve worked for State Representative Mitch Greenlick and as the Field Director for the Universal Preschool Now! campaign. Emerson will graduate from Portland State University with a BA in Political Science this spring. They love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, pugs, and high-earner income taxes.

Mark Nerys (he/him) – Graphics & Web Designer
Mark has been with my campaign since 2017, and he makes all of the incredible graphics that you see in my campaign materials. I’m lucky to have such a talented and politically-active graphics designer on my team.

Dan Sims (he/him) – Intern
Dan is a senior at Portland State University and will graduate this spring with a degree in Urban & Public Affairs. He helps out with a variety of tasks, especially field, and he’s excited about this opportunity to participate in local politics.

Hot DogDirector of Naps, Playtime, & Emotional Support
Hot Dog has been a longtime supporter of mine, and we’re thrilled that he has decided to play an active role in my campaign! He often likes to sit on my lap as I’m working, but he frequently sits in his bowl (which is really the napkin bowl) and stares at me to signal that he wants me to take a break from work to play with him. In addition to providing endless entertainment, he’s working on field by trying to get local neighborhood cats to convince their human guardians to vote for me.

Thank you all so much for your creativity, hard work, and for putting everything you have into this campaign to make Portland City Hall work for ALL Portlanders.


In addition to my wonderful staff, my campaign also depends on amazing volunteers (in case you haven’t heard from my previous newsletters), so, beginning this week, I’m going to be highlighting some of the great work that each of you are doing to help my campaign!

If you’d like to be considered for our Volunteer of the Week in future newsletters, you should 1) VOLUNTEER (click the button below to sign-up) and then, once you’ve volunteered, 2) send us a brief message about why you volunteer for Julia4PDX (and a photo of you volunteering would also be great!).

David Delk (pictured above) has been a good friend and supporter of mine for over a decade, helping me on both of my campaigns for City Council, as well as the public bank, campaign finance, and Nestlé campaigns. Here’s a photo of him mailing letters to voters for my campaign this week (and sporting a stylish face mask). When asked why he’s volunteering for my campaign, David responded, “Once in a while, we are offered a leader with clear progressive values and vision. Julia is that candidate today, and I am enthusiastic in my support for her election. No special interests fund her campaign; just the people.”



As always, your financial contributions are greatly appreciated!

All campaigns are going to increase their spending significantly in the next few weeks as the May 19th primary election approaches, so it is vital that our campaign has enough funds to stay competitive with our well-financed competitors!

Beginning at the end of April, contributions will no longer be eligible for public matching funds (6x match of up to $50 for donations from Portland residents), so if you’ve been putting off donating until a later date, now is the time to pitch in!


This is Our City, Our Future –– and, together, I know we can make it better.

Stay safe and well,