By | May 20, 2020

May 20, 2020

I want to thank you and everyone who made this campaign possible from the bottom of my heart. We’ve accomplished so much in our movement for system change in Portland. Together, we continued making the case to the public and elected officials that we must create a more just, equitable, and representative City Council.

No matter what, we can still push for a more just and equitable Portland, where communities are directly engaged in decision-making, and we will make our voices heard as we begin the Charter Review process to officially update our city government and elections to achieve that vision.

We finished in the top four and garnered more votes than a number of candidates who raised more money than we did. This is a testament to our strong campaign centered on voter engagement and our system change platform. Together, we made over 30,000 phone calls and sent over 20,000 texts! Thank you to all of our volunteers and my campaign staff for making all of those voter contacts possible!

I also want to congratulate the candidates who make it into the runoff and wish them the best of luck.

For now, I want to again thank all of my donors, volunteers, endorsers, staff, and everyone who believed in me enough to vote for me. None of this was possible without all of you. Also a special thanks to my family, friends, housemate, partner, and of course Hot Dog (the cat) for supporting me through this incredibly intense campaign.

I said this last time, and it’s still true: we’re just getting started! The work continues, and I promise to keep showing up for all of you! I hope you’ll continue to work with me to make Portland a better city for all of us.

With love and gratitude,