Environmental Justice

We need drastic action in order for young people and future generations to have a chance at a healthy climate and a livable future. Instead, we are going the wrong way at the federal level, and the State isn’t doing enough to protect our air quality or to combat climate change.

As 350.org’s Bill McKibben says, “Winning slowly is the same as losing.”

We must halt new fossil fuel extraction — but we will also plan a managed decline of existing fossil fuel infrastructure and rely on impacted communities to show the way toward a sustainable future. Instead of just saying “no” to dirty energy, we will also say “yes” to a just transition to 100% renewable energy. Funding for this transition should come from corporate polluters, not working people or impacted communities. Transitioning to renewable energy will have the added benefit of creating new green jobs, which will help impacted communities and others thrive.


embrace a regional air standard
Portlanders breathe some of the dirtiest air in the country due to Oregon’s lax diesel regulations. If the State is unwilling to protect Portland residents from toxic air pollution, we should create a local air authority to take matters into our own hands and reduce air pollution. We need diesel pollution standards similar to those in Washington and California.

defend the city’s fossil fuel infrastructure ban
Business interests are teaming-up with corporate fossil fuel polluters to attack our popular ban on new fossil fuel infrastructure. We will not allow corporate polluters to dictate policy in City Hall.

make portland’s renewable energy goals a reality
I support Portland’s ambitious 100% renewable energy goals, but I’m disappointed that City Hall passed the buck on properly funding this effort –– as a City Commissioner, I will fix that. I believe that the wealthiest companies and individuals should finance our transition to a sustainable and equitable economy powered by renewable energy.

fossil fuel risk bonds
We should be proactive by requiring fossil fuel companies to acquire third party insurance to cover the full costs of a worst-case scenario environmental disaster. In addition, we should establish a Fossil Fuel Risk Trust Fund, capitalized by surcharges on fossil fuel-related transactions in the local economy, to pay for our transition to 100% renewable energy and climate resilience infrastructure.

water for the people, not for profit
Portlanders have historically enjoyed some of the best public drinking water in the country. As rates rise due to system upgrades, we must ensure water remains affordable for everyone. We must also ensure that the water is safe to drink by implementing a program to remove lead pipes. Working together with Multnomah County, unions, and other community partners, we can phase out all lead pipes in every building and home in Portland, and we can subsidize removal for those who cannot afford it.

permanently protect bull run water
Bull Run must continue under public management. Community input must always drive decision-making over our drinking water.