Julia DeGraw Gets Endorsement of Former Competitor for City Council Pos. 2, Jeff Lang

April 22, 2020

PORTLAND – Julia DeGraw, a leading candidate for Portland City Council Position 2, has been endorsed by a former competitor for Position 2, Jeff Lang.

“After much consideration, I have decided to drop out of the race and am supporting Julia DeGraw for Portland City Commission Position 2,” Lang said. “I volunteered for Julia’s campaign the last time she ran for City Council and found her to be a very thoughtful, caring and decent human being with high integrity, maturity, intelligence, and compassion.”

Lang, who has been involved in local and state politics for decades, as well as a passionate advocate for the arts and small businesses in Portland through ventures that have provided community development and microfinance services to under served businesses since the 80’s, decided that he would have a greater impact on the extremely crowded race for Position 2, which has 18 candidates competing in it, if he partnered with DeGraw.

“[Julia] is committed to democratizing City Hall, environmental justice, housing for all, and many other issues that I care deeply about,” Lang explained.

DeGraw, who was surprised to hear of Lang’s unexpected decision, was nonetheless honored by it and welcomes his support.

“Jeff’s life’s work helping people create better lives for themselves by creating family businesses that generate family-wage jobs is an inspiration. I am honored to receive his endorsement, and I hope to continue his legacy by supporting Portland’s family-owned local businesses and reinvesting in the arts.”

In addition to the endorsement from Jeff Lang, Julia DeGraw is endorsed by City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, former Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, national climate leader Bill McKibben, the Portland Association of Teachers, AFSCME Local 189, both PCC faculty and staff unions, PROTEC17, the Progressive Party of Oregon, the Street Trust Action Fund, Sunrise Movement PDX, as well as many other influential organizations and leaders in the Portland area.