Workers’ Rights

Jobs should not be just a means for survival – we all need the opportunity to thrive. Every Portlander deserves to live a full life free from the anxiety of making ends meet and living paycheck-to-paycheck. Workers should be paid a living wage and have paid family leave. If Portlanders are having to choose between paying rent or putting food on the table, then we know something is seriously wrong with our society and our government. New Seasons and Burgerville workers have led the way by organizing their unions to win justice on the job and showing all of us what it looks like to bring democracy to the workplace.

“No Portlander should have to live


a future for working people
City Hall should make it easier for workers to hold employers accountable, not easier for big corporations like Comcast to extract profits from us. Portland should be a town where workers know they can call out injustice on the job, bring home a living wage, and believe that their elected officials will stand in solidarity with them. As an employer, City Hall should be a harassment-free workplace and a model for living wages, accessibility, fair scheduling, transparent and accurate job classifications, and paid family and sick leave.

a living wage for all workers
All Portlanders deserve a living wage, no matter the work they do and nobody should have to live paycheck-to-paycheck. Meanwhile, wealth inequality is larger than at any other time in history.

end sexual harassment at work
Employers, including City Hall, must be held accountable for sexual harassment in the workplace, and our city government must act to put an end to it. The hidden crisis of sexual harassment on the job is a common experience for too many Portlanders, especially female and LGBTQ workers.

stop wage theft & misclassification
Create a municipal wage theft and worksite abuse hotline for private and public sector workers. City Hall must also take action to fight misclassification of independent contractors and domestic workers.

expand community benefit agreements & high areas standards
City Hall should be strengthening (not weakening) Community Benefit Agreements and increasing area labor standards. In this unprecedented building boom, we must distribute the windfall to the benefit of all.

improve standards for city workers
City Hall should pass a “model employer” resolution, which would establish minimum standards for working conditions on city-funded projects. Moreover, the City should never outsource labor as a way to avoid paying a living wage with benefits.

responsible contractor & vendor bidding
Companies holding lucrative City contracts employ thousands of Portland workers. All City contracts should be subject to “responsible bidder” rules that protect living-wage jobs across our community.